How Canada Cartage is Working to Minimize Effects of Industry Truck Driver Shortage

March 7, 2018 Fleet Management

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The biggest challenge facing the transportation industry is the shortage of qualified truck drivers. The Canadian Trucking Association estimates that by 2024, Canada will have a shortage of 34,000 to 48,000 drivers.  Demand for drivers is expected to grow the most in Ontario, followed by B.C., and then Quebec.

This is a major challenge for all trucking companies. That’s why Canada Cartage is putting a major focus on innovative ways to recruit new drivers to the company, and even more focus on looking at how to retain current drivers.

Canada Cartage’s recruiting teams across the country are finding new and innovative ways to attract prospective drivers including:

  • Mobile recruiting techniques to take the hiring message directly to drivers at truck stops, job fairs, driving schools, community events, and truck driving rodeos
  • Social media campaigns to help get the message out, including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • New driver sign-on bonuses with new hires receiving a bonus of $2,250 when they join the company

Retention of drivers is very important. Our goal at Canada Cartage is to be the best company to drive for in the country.  To succeed in this, teams have been created from Operations, Safety & Compliance, Recruiting, HR, and Marketing to learn where improvements are needed.  Being the best company to drive for means keeping employees happy and loyal which will keep the customers’ freight moving.

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