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Mubadala Capital to acquire Canada Cartage, the leading short-haul trucking and logistics business in Canada

CCLS Zone Skipping

Transportation Innovations: Zone Skipping Reduces Transportation Costs & Damages

Mackie Moving Group

Canada Cartage Expands Final Mile Delivery Services With The Acquisition Of Mackie Moving Systems

CCLS Green Initiatives in Warehousing

Going Green In The Warehousing And Fulfillment World

Canada Cartage Home Delivery

Technology Plus The Human Touch Add Up To Customer Satisfaction In E-Commerce Home Deliveries

Top Fleet Employer of Distinction 2022

Canada Cartage Selected As Top Fleet Employer For Seventh Straight Year

Forbes Canadas Best Employers 2022

Canada Cartage again selected as one of “Canada’s Best Employers 2022”

Laurentien Transport Truck

Canada Cartage expands Quebec presence with acquisition of Laurentien Transport

driver hub and spoke - website

Is your private fleet struggling with volume surges?