Environmental Policy

Canada Cartage is committed to doing our part to minimize the company’s environmental footprint in a way that is economically and environmentally responsible. We do this by using the following methods:

  • Leverage telematics to reduce engine idling time
  • Leverage telematics to increase mpg
  • Leverage telematics and transportation software solutions to reduce miles traveled to make deliveries
  • Leverage telematics and transportation software solutions to reduce empty miles
  • Extend fluid and filter changes to the greatest extent possible, while still maintaining safe and reliable vehicles, that meet performance standards
  • Use recap tires where possible to do so, without sacrificing safety
  • Recycle all used engine fluids, filters, and truck and trailer parts
  • Govern the road speed of our vehicles
  • Education our driving staff on fuel efficient driving techniques, and update all driving staff as we learn and develop new techniques
  • Investigate fuel saving technologies when procuring new vehicles
  • Investigate the addition of fuel saving technologies on existing equipment
  • Discuss environmental issues with customers and business partners to develop the best practice sharing opportunities
  • Educate internal staff on environmental topics, and encourage staff to participate by bringing new ideas to management
  • Hold our management staff accountable to ensure that their staff is doing whatever possible to reduce our environmental footprint
  • Continue our long-standing membership in programs such as SmartWay®

We will, as always, comply with environmental regulations in each jurisdiction in which we operate. Our goal should always be to not only meet those regulations, but strive to exceed them where possible.