Canada Cartage’s team work and technology help capture thieves!

September 7, 2016 Fleet Management Safety

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Truck cargo theft is on the rise.  Estimates put the value of stolen cargo on trucks in Canada at over 14 million dollars every single day!

Canada Cartage customers are no exception. However, thanks to some exceptional team work, combined with our technology systems, we were able to reduce the loss to one of our customers.

In the fall, one of our drivers in Mississauga arrived at our customer’s DC for his regular run but when he pulled up to the assigned parking spot where the reefer trailer should have been waiting, the trailer was nowhere to be found.

A search of the yard turned up nothing, and to make matters worse, the customer’s video security system was malfunctioning and of no help.

The missing reefer trailer was fully-loaded with over $250,000 worth of food products.

Fortunately, Canada Cartage had installed ‘real-time’ trailer tracking and reefer monitoring hardware on the fleet of trailers. Upon receiving the report of the missing trailer, our Dispatch, Safety and Compliance, and Information Technology team started investigating.

After contacting the police, we were able to trace the exact location of the stolen goods with pin-point accuracy.  We identified the route that the trailer had taken after leaving the DC, and the exact location that it was parked.  The police dispatched unmarked cruisers to the location, and two thieves were arrested on the spot.

Besides capturing the thieves and recovering the stolen trailer and food products, our technology also helped our customer to minimize any losses.  Our reefer monitoring technology indicates if the temperature inside the trailer has been maintained at the proper level.  If a door has been left open, or if the reefer engine has been turned off or run out of fuel, our dispatch team is immediately alerted of the issue.   In this situation, our technology was able to demonstrate to our customer that their food safety was not compromised during the theft, and that the proper temperatures had been maintained.

With this proof in hand, the customer was able to release the cargo for distribution and sale, saving them a quarter of a million dollars in goods!

For more information, contact Canada Cartage.

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