Spring Thaw Regulations

March 8, 2019 Company News Fleet Management Safety

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Each year, a number of Canadian provinces implement a “Spring Thaw” policy, enforcing reduced trailer load restrictions in order to protect roads from significant damage at a time of year when roads are most vulnerable to damage due to high levels of moisture. Enforced by each province, the policy restricts loads carried across at-risk highways for a fixed period. Restrictions can vary between 8% and 20%, according to the vehicle’s axle type and configuration.

Details about the limits for highways in each province are posted on the provincial transportation ministries’ website. For more information about the thaw period and weight restrictions of individual provinces, please visit the following:


British Columbia


New Brunswick

Nova Scotia





Ensuring that all trucks are compliant with provincial Spring Thaw regulations makes the roads safer for everyone. Failure to comply can result in steep penalties, downtime, vehicle performance, and ultimately, road safety.


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