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August 30, 2018 Company News Fleet Management Logistics Safety

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Canada Cartage is one of the nation’s longest running and largest dedicated fleet outsourcing companies. Part of the reason for our success is our ongoing investments in the latest technology and equipment.  Over the past 12 months, Canada Cartage invested over $70 million dollars and added 500 new trucks to fleets across Canada.  In 2018, Canada Cartage is continuing to invest in fleet technology, which includes:

New Automatic Engine Idle Shut off Software

Canada Cartage maintenance teams across Canada have been busy installing new automatic engine idle shut off software on tractors. The software automatically shuts off the engine if the tractor has been idling for five minutes.  Some tractors such as those pulling refrigerated trailers are excluded from this program if they require longer idle times to operate.  This software feature will help reduce carbon emissions and diesel fuel spend.

Auxiliary Bunk Heating and Cooling Units

Back in 2015, Canada Cartage started a program to install auxiliary bunk heaters in sleeper units. They are battery operated, which means that the engine does not need to be running to keep the bunk heated while the driver is resting.  In 2018, the latest models provide both heat and air conditioning to the bunk unit.  The units will run until the battery is depleted, which then triggers the truck engine to restart.  Canada Cartage will continue to test and deploy these units to long haul bunk trucks to ensure that drivers are comfortable while on the road.

Engine Telematics Units

Engine Telematics units are now installed on virtually all Canada Cartage tractors. The telematics units provide valuable information to customers, drivers, operations teams, and safety and compliance staff.  The information includes:

  • GPS location of the tractor
  • Engine diagnostics that indicate if immediate or preventative maintenance service is required
  • Driving behavior including speeding, hard braking and erratic lane changes
  • Engine idle percentage and MPG performance by trip, driver and tractor

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