Fleet Initiatives to Decrease Canada Cartage’s Carbon Footprint

June 5, 2017 Fleet Management Safety

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Canada Cartage is an environmental leader in the Canadian transportation industry.  We are an accredited member of the SmartWay® program, a public-private initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution created by the freight transportation industry.

Specific initiatives that we have adopted in the past five years include:

  • Installed telematics devices in all tractors (2006 models or newer); these devices produce reports that help improve miles per gallon results by pinpointing units/drivers with excessive idle time, hard braking incidents, and fast acceleration driving patterns
  • Analyse telematics reports and transportation routing software to reduce miles traveled to make deliveries, as well as reduce empty miles
  • Extend fluid and filter changes to the greatest extent possible, while still maintaining safe and reliable vehicles that meet performance standards
  • Use recap tires where possible, without sacrificing safety
  • Recycle all used engine fluids, filters, and truck and trailer parts
  • Govern the road speed of our vehicles to 105 kilometers/hour maximum speed (even in jurisdictions where this is not required by law)
  • Educate our driving staff on fuel efficient driving techniques, and update all driving staff as we learn and develop new techniques
  • Investigate fuel saving technologies when procuring new vehicles
  • Investigate the addition of fuel saving technologies on existing equipment
  • Discuss environmental issues with customers and business partners to develop best practice sharing opportunities
  • Educate internal staff on environmental topics, and encourage staff to participate by bringing new ideas to management
  • Hold our management team accountable to ensure that staff are doing whatever possible to reduce our environmental footprint

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