The Opportunity

With over 600 retail locations across Ontario, the client has to manage complex delivery schedules for each retail store with each one requiring different products and varying quantities during preferred delivery periods.

Making deliveries to so many locations becomes even more of a challenge during peak periods when large quantities of specialty products are needed. This time-critical undertaking requires precision planning and flawless execution. Whether forecasted or unplanned, peak periods throughout the year present numerous challenges such as access to the right amount of dedicated trucks, drivers, and appropriate equipment to deliver to each location.

The client understood the need for a trusted partner who could manage their complex transportation needs and has for many years turned to Canada Cartage, the country’s largest provider of outsourced fleets, to manage their transportation needs.

The Solution

Canada Cartage analyzed the client’s existing distribution program and implemented a new route optimization strategy while making enhancements to their outbound delivery management from various terminal locations.

A number of advanced technologies were implemented to achieve optimum efficiency throughout the year and key delivery metrics were used to plan ahead for peak periods, and the predicted volume surges on long weekends and at Christmas. Using a combination of technology, route optimization, and supply chain engineers, Canada Cartage designed a program that was reliable, scalable, and cost-effective.

Canada Cartage introduced a new model for smarter utilization of resources by taking a look at historical delivery volumes, equipment, and driver hours to reduce inefficiencies in the network. With approximately 130 trucks, 350 trailers of various configurations, a dedicated dispatch team, and operations management group, the client now enjoys the benefits of private fleet ownership, with none of the hassles.

Canada Cartage continues to perform regular Compound Optimization Analysis’ and provides recommendations for route optimization that continues to save the client time and money, and increases overall efficiencies.

The impact

Canada Cartage continues to deliver transportation solutions that address core objectives in the following ways:

  • Cost savings – continued route, driver hours, and equipment optimization deliver substantial cost savings.
  • On-time delivery – complex delivery schedules are handled with over 98% on-time delivery during day-to-day deliveries and peak seasons.
  • Increased efficiency & technology – with Canada Cartage’s agile solution, delivery inefficiencies are reduced at every touch point, from warehouse and handling to routing and dispatching. Canada Cartage utilizes a proprietary application to provide customers visibility of the assets assigned to the customer.
  • Trusted partnership – ongoing success of the program has given the client confidence that their customers are receiving the best possible service.