Bailey Metal Products Limited (Bailey Metal), the largest manufacturer of steel framing products in Canada, has served the commercial and residential construction markets nationally for over sixty years. Based in Toronto, Bailey Metal operates in eight locations, nationally, supplying the largest product portfolio of lightweight steel products to the construction industry across the country.

The Opportunity

Bailey Metal is a family owned and operated business, who managed their own fleet of seven trucks to deliver products from their manufacturing facilities to residential and commercial construction sites.

As the business grew, the demand for a more efficient and agile delivery system challenged Bailey Metal to consider an outsourcing model for their fleet and move to a dedicated transportation partner. However, the decision to move to an outsourced fleet solution was met with some hesitation by senior management and front-line operations staff. They understood the cost benefits of outsourcing their fleet, but they had always done it on their own and had concerns about the level of customer service that would be provided. “We needed to be convinced that the outsourced model would adapt to fit the unique demands of our business and that we wouldn’t lose our personal touch with our long standing clients,” says Angelo Sarracini, President of Bailey Metal.

The Solution

After considering all of their options, Bailey Metal hired Canada’s largest provider of outsourced dedicated fleets, Canada Cartage, to manage all of their transportation services—a successful partnership that has remained strong since 2002.

Canada Cartage provides Bailey Metal with services tailored to meet the distinct requirements of their construction industry clients. The solution includes access to a national fleet to help with volume surge needs, well-trained and experienced drivers, specialized equipment including flat decks and moffets, and an account management team that works on continuous improvement initiatives for both companies. The conversion from an in-house fleet to an outsourced fleet was seamless.

The scalable outsourced model has allowed for steady growth for Bailey Metal without encountering obstacles due to limited resources. “In our business, speed and flexibility matter,” says Angelo, “but it is equally important to handle the smaller details and deliver on the promises we’ve made to our customers.”

The success of the relationship is due in large part to Canada Cartage’s commitment to a customer-centric business model. Canada Cartage is described by Angelo as “…a big company, with a small company feel,” an intangible advantage that is appreciated by mid-sized clients facing unique business challenges.

The impact

As a result of the partnership with Canada Cartage, Bailey Metal has identified 3 key benefits:

  • No longer shoulders the expense and complexities of running an in-house fleet and is able to focus on growing their core business.
  • The outsourced transportation model provides cost certainty, without sacrificing the quality of service offered to Bailey’s customers.
  • A successful decade-long partnership with a company committed to understanding their business, their industry, and their clients.


Customer quote

We are impressed with the wide range of services offered by Canada Cartage but even more so with the increased level of efficiency and quality of service we can now provide to our customers.

Angelo Sarracini, President