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On-time delivery with less hassle and less risk.

There are many costs in operating a fleet. As the largest dedicated fleet operator in Canada, using Canada Cartage allows you to outsource your risk as well as your trucks. Our nation-wide service has enabled some of the best known retailers in Canada to invest in their core business by freeing up capital for alternative investments that are more closely tied to your business goals. Here are some of the ways our retail transportation and delivery service benefits your business:

Seasonal peaks

To meet peak-time seasonal demands such as Christmas, or for short-term special promotions, our retail customers leverage our unique hub and spoke terminal model to deploy additional equipment and drivers on short notice. For many retailers, this significantly reduces operating costs while keeping customer satisfaction high.

On-time delivery

Our fleet is available 7x24x365, allowing us to make deliveries around the clock, year-round, and on time. With an on-time delivery rate of 98%, you can have confidence that your goods will be on the shelves when your customers want them.

Route optimization

Our supply chain engineering team will design route plans that optimize delivery times at the lowest possible delivery cost.

Safety & compliance

We are industry leaders, and ensure the highest levels of driver and public safety are achieved through driver training programs, regularly scheduled maintenance, and rigorous inspection routines. We are expert at delivering into retail outlets, malls, and curbside storefronts, with care and consideration of the public’s safety always our priority.

Custom branding

We represent some of Canada’s biggest and most respected brands. You can choose to have our trucks and drivers outfitted in your logo and colours, following your corporate standards. We can be your brand ambassador.

Feature Customer

Canadian Tire

“Canada Cartage understands our business. I would recommend them to any company looking for a strong partnership that will help them improve their costs and increase their customer satisfaction.”

- Neil McKenna, Vice President, Transportation of Canadian Tire Retail

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