Transborder Services

Transborder Services

Transborder Small Package, Freight, Customs, and Consolidation Programs

U.S. and Canadian firms shipping products across the border can reduce transportation costs and improve customer service with our innovative, technology-driven Transborder Services.

Our Transborder Services deliver these benefits through a solution that combines…

  • Facilities – our network of DCs and consolidation points reduce shipping times while leveraging consolidated freight movements to lower transportation costs and improve delivery times. We put your products close to your customers.
  • Technology – our internet-based shipping system allows customers to rate shop for lowest cost or fastest delivery options through our network of TL, LTL, and small package partners. Select the carrier, freight rate you want to pay, print your bar codes and waybills, and you’re ready to ship.
  • Cross-border Knowledge and Expedited Programs – we are experts in Canada-U.S. border programs including C-TPAT, FAST, ACE, CSA, and PIP. Our team ensures fast and accurate processing of customs requirements for your products.
  • Buying Power and Ship+ Programs – as part of the Canada Cartage group of companies, we leverage our buying power with small packages, LTL, and TL partners and pass on transportation cost savings to our customers. Our Ship+ programs save customers money through a combination of shipment consolidation, zone skipping, and rate shop options.
  • Simplified, Consolidated, and Pre-audited Invoices – reduce your administration time by up to 90% through our fully pre-audited and consolidated freight invoice program. We provide customers with a single consolidated invoice, written in plain language that displays all freight charges from small package, LTL, TL, and rail carriers. Simple.

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