Retail Promotions and Special Merchandising

Retail Promotions and Special Merchandising

Optimized Distribution for Promotional Programs

Canada Cartage’s Logistics Solutions promotional program solutions are focused on optimizing your promotional program requirements without interrupting your regular supply chain. Our deep expertise with promotional programs provides you with a rapid deployment solution for minimal investment. We handle the distribution of peak-time seasonal demands for holidays and short-term special promotions. For many retailers, this significantly reduces operating costs while maintaining high customer satisfaction.

Customized Promotion-specific Services and Handling

Our team manages the distinct handling needs, special kitting requirements, coordination with your sales and marketing, routing guide compliance, and tight deadlines for your special merchandising programs.

National distribution centers and transportation management network

Canada Cartage’s Logistics Solutions has an integrated national network of cross docks and distribution centers, and transportation management experts who can streamline your promotional program supply chain. Whether you require small package, LTL, or TL, we can design an optimized distribution plan that reduces costs and improves transit times.

Inventory Management and Order Visibility

Our order management system and full range of EDI connectivity options provide you with the visibility to protect you against lost revenue from in store out-of-stock and expensive overstock situations.

Order Mangement

  • Purchase Order Management
  • Inbound Logistics
  • EDI, Flat File, XML Interfaces
  • Real-time Order Status Visibility
  • Sales & Marketing Coordination
  • Back Order Management
  • Peak Demand Capabilities

Inventory Management

  • Management at Purchase Order Level
  • Robust Inventory Control
  • Break Bulk Services
  • Real-time Inventory Visibility
  • Daily Inventory Snapshots
  • DOS Warning Reports

Order Assembly

  • Pallet, Case & Unit Level
  • Multi-SKU Fulfillment at Purchase Order Level
  • Promotional Package Kitting
  • Packaging & Labeling
  • Store-ready Display/Assembly
  • Routing Guide Compliance


  • Full Canadian Coverage
  • TL, LTL & Dedicated Transport
  • Pre-negotiated Carrier Rates
  • Transport Rate Shopping
  • Prescheduled Dispatch

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