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Health Products In Canada

Canada Cartage Logistics offers the advantages of facilities that are Health Canada Compliant and operate within the GMP mandates of our Natural Health Product Import Site License, our Natural Health Product License for Packaging and Labeling, and our Drug Establishment License for Secondary Packaging and Labeling of over the counter DIN Products.

Our Regulatory support can help navigate through fulfillment setup to ensure compliance and we can also assist with ongoing product release and support.   Canada Cartage Logistics will make your entry into the Canadian market easy and convenient.


  • Customized programs developed for customer-specific requirements
  • Robust system capabilities to support order confirmation, on-demand inventory visibility, and automated reporting with daily ship confirmation summaries, and KPIs
  • Broad spectrum fulfillment functionality which includes kit and multi-SKU order assembly, pick & pack, auto ship capabilities, co-packaging, and value-add services
  • In-house quality assurance to assist with on-site QAP requirements for our customers

Regulatory Know How

Canada Cartage Logistics offers the convenience of regulatory services to assist in entry into the Canadian market or to support your Quality Assurance Team. Our Canadian market experts can assist you in the development of a market entry strategy, a vital requirement for product and site licensing.

  • Natural Health Product (NHP) Import Site License
  • NHP license for packaging and labeling
  • Drug Establishment License for Secondary Packaging and Labeling
  • GMP and DEL compliant pick and pack as well as Co-Pack operations
  • Ambient temperature facilities


Canada Cartage Logistics offers you lower cost options through:

  • National delivery coverage in a multi-carrier model
  • Preferred small package rates allowing you to benefit from highly competitive rate structures
  • Innovative shipping optimization
  • B2C delivery options including rate shop, transit shop and zone skip

Seamless System for Seamless Handling

Our warehouse and transportation management systems provide you with the ultimate in inventory accuracy, cost savings, and time savings.

  • EDI, Flat File, XML Interface with various Customer systems (SAP, JDE, Manhattan)
  • Formal EDI sets include:
    • ANSI X12 EDI transactions set
    • Inbound Warehouse Receipt (943)
    • Outbound Shipment Orders (940)
    • Inbound Warehouse Receipt Confirmation (944)
    • Outbound Shipment Orders Confirmation (945)
    • Inventory Inquiry (846)
  • Open order retrieval and ship confirmation scheduling, EDI report scheduling, shipment confirmation, short ship reporting, etc.
  • Receiving / directed put-away, order processing, picking and packing, and shipping radio frequency enabled

Inventory Management

  • Automated EDI inventory reporting on daily, weekly, or various schedules
  • EDI inventory support reporting – low stock reporting, stock velocity reporting, inventory adjustment reporting
  • Configurable to customer specific inventory management requirements, min/max, reorder point etc.
  • Unique identifiers / lot attributes for tracking and allocating inventory
  • Recall Management
  • Custom Cycle counting based on customer specific or user-defined rules

Order Management

  • Robust Order Management (singled order, wave orders, sequenced order packing)
  • Detailed order tracking and visibility
  • Order Allocation Management is configurable to multiple levels
  • Kitting functionality
  • Comprehensive TMS interface with rate shop / transit shop functionality across a multi-carrier network


  • Secondary Packaging and Labeling:
    • NHP and DIN licensed operations
    • Demand Planning and stock control
  • On-Site Quality Control and Regulatory Assistance

canada cartage logistics provides your business with end-to-end b2c logistics solutions

  • Coast to Coast delivery coverage
  • Scalable Transportation Managed Programs
  • Multi-Carrier based transit / rate shop modeling
  • Zone Skip Capability
  • Full range of services from standard to next day with value add services
  • Detailed invoicing in workable format providing everything from high level costing to detailed summary
  • Service performance tracking and reporting

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