Direct Selling Organizations

Direct Selling Organizations

Grow Your Business in Canada

With over one million square feet of DC and cross-dock facilities across the country, Canada Cartage’s Logistics Solutions offers you a scalable, customized, and cost-effective solution to rapidly deploy your products within a targeted region, or expand your product line nationally.

We process thousands of orders per day, for products ranging from natural health products, cosmetics, consumer products and retail goods. Our customers demand both on-time delivery and 100% order accuracy – and we deliver on both!

Services and Solutions

Customized programs developed for customer-specific requirements

  • Robust system capabilities to support order confirmation on-demand
  • Inventory visibility, and automated reporting with daily ship confirmation summaries
  • Broad spectrum fulfillment functionality which includes kit and multi-SKU order assembly
  • NHP compliant – import site license and NHP license for labeling
  • GMP compliant – meets Health Canada and Food Grade requirements within the
    Canadian marketplace
  • Transborder freight and small package services from the U.S. to Canada and from Canada to the U.S.; DC outbound transportation and small package delivery services across Canada and the U.S.
  • In-house quality assurance to assist with on-site QAP requirements for our customers

Seamless System for Seamless Handling

Our warehouse and transportation management systems provide you with the ultimate in inventory accuracy, and total cost savings. This accuracy, along with our order management system and full range of connectivity options provide you with the visibility to prevent costly out-of stock situations that lead to customer downtime.


Order Management

  • EDI, Flat File, XML Interfaces
  • Order Status Visibility
  • Order Fill Rate Reporting
  • Rush Order Processing
  • Peak Demand Capabilities

Inventory Management

  • Robust Inventory Control
  • Custom Cycle Count Programs
  • Real-time Inventory Visibility
  • Daily Inventory Snapshots
  • DOS Warning Reports
  • Multi-location Inventory Balancing

Order Assembly

  • Multi-SKU Pick & Pack and Kitting
  • Marketing Materials Insertion
  • Light Assembly
  • Packaging & Labeling
  • Routing Guide Compliance
  • 100% Audit
  • Customized Packaging and invoicing

U.S.-to-Canada and Canadian Domestic Transportation Management

  • Lower Small Package Rates Via Consolidated Buying Power
  • Small Package Rate Shopping
  • Zone Skip Capability
  • Package Confirm & Tracking Information Provided
  • Full Canadian and Trans-Border Coverage
  • Truckload, LTL, Small Package & Dedicated Transport
  • 24/7 Support & Emergency Service w/30 Minute Order Availability

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