How Canada Cartage is responding to the coronavirus (COVID-19)


Jeff Lindsay
President and CEO

A Message from President & CEO Jeff Lindsay

These are challenging days.

Canada Cartage has seen a lot of challenges in our 106 years as a company. World War One. The Great Depression. World War Two.

The COVID-19 outbreak is the world’s latest challenge. And like those global crises that came before, we will overcome this. And things will get back to normal.

But for the next few weeks, our company and our people will be called upon to help keep Canada moving. We are critical to supply chains for groceries, beverages, pharmacies, hospitals, nursing homes, and many more businesses that Canadians need to get through these tough times. Our neighbours and our families are counting on us.

We are working hard to keep our staff and our customers safe while they do this important work.  More details on this are included in the information below.

As the saying goes, “…this too shall pass.” I’m proud to be part of this team, and I want to thank everyone for their dedication. We’ll get through this together.

Health and Safety Is Our Top Priority

To help protect the safety of our employees, we set up a COVID-19 Business Continuity Task Force in early March.  Managers from every facility across the country have a daily conference call to share information on how our staff and our customers are doing as we navigate this crisis.  We have implemented a number of new processes and procedures to safeguard staff based on Health Canada recommendations.  These include: ensuring safe distances in the workplace; securing large quantities of Health Canada-approved disinfectants that kill coronaviruses on surfaces, including truck cabs; providing hand sanitizer and gloves in our facilities; increasing the frequency of regular disinfecting in our offices, warehouses, and terminals; staff whose work allows them to work remotely have been shifted to work-from-home arrangements; and we’ve eliminated non-essential visitors to our offices.

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