Canada Cartage Emergency Medical Center

Healthcare Industry Transportation Services

Extensive experience delivering healthcare supplies

Specialized training, equipment, technology and metrics for the Canadian healthcare industry.

We provide healthcare providers with dedicated trucks and drivers that specialize in the demands of your industry, including:

On-time delivery

We know in healthcare, delivery delays can produce complicated, costly outcomes. Our logistics engineering and account management experts work with you to ensure that routing is optimized and continuously improved. Our technology and detailed metrics ensure that your team—and ours—keep deliveries arriving on time.

Specialized equipment

The healthcare industry requires specialized equipment for challenging delivery scenarios. Our healthcare fleet is custom specified and built to meet the demands of urban deliveries, with some trucks specially outfitted to ensure a 100% sanitary environment.

Specialty handling

Our large complement of drivers are trained to meet the many special requirements demanded by our healthcare industry, from ensuring that sterilized — including working with hospital stewards, or direct delivery to a health care facility floor.

7×24×365 Availability

Our dispatchers, drivers, and maintenance teams are on duty 24 hours a day, every day of the year. We can make deliveries around the clock, year-round — ideal for the always-operating healthcare industry.

Feature Customer

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

  • In partnership for over 20 years
  • 7 routes, with an average of 230 linen carts delivered each day
  • Food delivery 7 days a week over 6 routes to dozens of institutions

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