Three Trends Driving Final Mile Delivery

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Published by, September 8, 2020 — Mastering the final mile requires technological sophistication, drivers who double as brand ambassadors, and equipment versatility.

Consumer expectations for the timely delivery of goods have never been higher and they expect to see that product’s delivery status every step of the way. Oh, and with many retailers offering free or nearly-free delivery options, you’ll have to do it inexpensively, as well. Welcome to the challenging and rapidly evolving world of final mile delivery.

Customer demands evolving

You’d be hard pressed to find a segment in which customer demands are increasing more rapidly than in final mile delivery. Shippers and receivers want real-time visibility and integration of IT systems to ensure efficient order and delivery management, according to David Zavitz, chief administrative officer with Canada Cartage.

“Customers want and need more data from our in-cab telematics and TMS systems so that we can collaborate on improved routing and deliveries,” he said. “We often know better than they do where the bottlenecks in their supply chain might be – for example, the DCs, plants or stores that are frequently delayed in receiving or shipping out products.”

Final mile delivery providers are being pressured to deliver an “Amazon-type” delivery experience, Zavitz added, with “full tracking visibility and faster delivery options.”

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