Canada Cartage releases fleet benchmarking tools

juillet 27, 2015 Nouvelle de l'entreprise

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Published by Canadian Shipper, July 24th, 2015 — Toronto, ON – Canada Cartage is releasing a series of three private truck fleet benchmarking tools to provide senior management teams with research tools to help them assess fleet ROI.

A soon-to-be-released study conducted by the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada reveals that 61% of fleets do not benchmark their costs or performance. The information in the three guides is based on objective, third-party research into the pros and cons of private fleet management versus dedicated fleet outsourcing, said the company release.

The tools are also interactive. Readers can input information into one of the guides to self-assess their proficiency in fleet management and develop a SWOT analysis of their fleet management. Another guide offers a proprietary “total cost of ownership” calculator that benchmarks fleet costs against Canadian industry standards.

“Our firm offers fleet outsourcing, which is an option that is used by many successful small, medium, and large Canadian companies, but the model isn’t right for everyone”, says President & CEO Jeff Lindsay. “These research guides and interactive tools come at the topic from an objective standpoint, and will help senior decision makers understand which option makes the most sense for their company.”

The first guide in the series – the Fleet Outsourcing Evaluation Guide – is now available for download here.

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