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Building & Construction Material Transportation

Few others invest as much in safety, training and specialized equipment as we do.

Specialty construction material transportation with a 98% on-time delivery record


As Canada’s largest dedicated fleet outsourcing supplier, we have equipment specially designed for building and construction applications. We custom spec flat decks, step decks, curtain-side and roll-tights for your unique application, as well as outfit them with truck-mounted forklifts and boom cranes.

Seasonal volume peaks

To meet weekly, monthly, or seasonal demands, our customers leverage our unique hub and spoke terminal model to deploy additional equipment and drivers on short notice. This significantly reduces operating costs while keeping your customer satisfaction high.

Safety & compliance

We are industry leaders, and ensure the highest levels of driver and public safety are achieved through driver training programs, regularly scheduled maintenance, and rigorous inspection routines. Our drivers are specially trained in forklift and crane operation, flat deck loading and unloading, and proper load securement to ensure the safe transportation of your building and construction materials.

Outsourced risk

We take care of all training, safety, and compliance, and bear responsibility for accident investigations, hazardous spills, cargo claims, and insurance claims.

Custom branding

We represent some of Canada’s biggest and most respected brands. You can choose to have our trucks and drivers outfitted in your logo and colours, following your corporate standards. We can be your brand ambassador.

Feature Customer

Brampton Brick

“Running our own fleet of truck was distracting us from our core business. Outsourcing to Canada Cartage improved our on-time performance, and allowed us to focus on what is important — growing our business ”

Judy Pryma, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Brampton Brick

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