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We're dedicated to helping our customers meet their needs for the future.

Meet Canada's Largest Provider of Outsourced Fleet Solutions

Canada Cartage Provides Dedicated Fleet Outsourcing, Managed Transportation, Warehousing and Fulfillment Solutions, and Home Delivery

Founded in 1914, Canada Cartage is the country's largest provider of outsourced fleet solutions, providing dedicated equipment and drivers to both small and large firms. Canada Cartage also provides a complete range of supply chain and logistics services including integrated managed transportation and fulfillment solutions.

Our Accolades

From a single horse and cart to a national fleet

Watch how we've grown to over 4,000 tractors and trailers, we're proud of our story.

We help others in the
communities where we work.

Safeway Foundation
United Way
President's Choice Children's Charity
Project Water
Jumpstart Canadian Tire
Threads of Life
Winnipeg Harvest
Community Child Abuse Council of Canada

We care about the enviroment.

No idling Clock icon

Our national No Idling campaign encourages our drivers to turn off their engines to reduce vehicle emissions and save on fuel costs. By reducing idling time by only 15 minutes per day, we'll reduce almost 8,000 days of wasted fuel annually!


An innovative partnership between public and private stakeholders, the goal of this transport partnership is to save fuel and reduce greenhouse gases and air pollution produced by the freight transportation supply chain every year.

TelematicsRadio Tower Icon

Our telematics system provides up-to-the-minute information on delivery status, driving conditions, length of stops, delays, road speeds, and more. This data helps us improve on our on-time performance, lowers maintenance and fuel costs, and reduces our carbon footprint.

Oil Recycling Oil Recycling Icon

Just one litre of used oil can contaminate one million litres of water. That's why we take recycling our used oil materials very seriously. Our maintenance team recycles 100 per cent of our used oil and oil filters. The filters, which are made of steel, are then melted down to create new parts.

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